Inbound Route

Inbound route is for routing incoming calls to different destination according to a certain rule.

If accounts and devices are configured in DID page, then the inbound route will not work.

Add inbound route

Menu on the left, Advanced → Inbound Routes, click add to open this page.

Add Iroute

Mandatory fields

  • Name: name this route.
  • Team: to which team this route belongs.

Optional fields

  • DID Match: whether to enable DID match.
    • None:not enable DID match.
    • 单匹配:match only one DID number;
    • 组匹配:match a DID number group (may contains more than one number).
  • When DID is enabled, you need to select DID标识ID: DID number list or DID group list.
  • CID match: whether to enable CID match.
    • 主叫号码目标:输入主叫匹配的电话号码。
  • Transfer: where to transfer the number after match
    • Auto match: the number being dialed will be matched in the system.
      • Internal numbers will be transfered after being matched.
      • If the number cannot be matched in the system as internal number, then we need the trunk to call this number, and we have to choose an account.

You can transfer the call to

  • Ringgroup
  • Queue
  • IVR
  • Device
  • Voicemail
  • Application
  • End (end the call directly)
  • Meeting room
  • Fax
  • Trunk match: Whether to enable trunk match.
  • 中继名称: 当启用中继匹配时,选择需要匹配的中继.When enables the trunk match, select which trunk need to be matched.
  • Work time: Select when to enable this inbound trunk, if leave it blank, the route works all the time.
  • 转接名称: 根据“转接”字段的不同值进行变化,提供(振铃组或队列或电脑话务,分机,语音邮箱)列表。
  • Priority: set the priority level for this route, use number here, the larger the number, the higher the priority.
  • Status: whether to enable this inbound route.

Edit the route

Iroute Page

  • Double click the item to open the edit page.
  • When using the DID match, hover the mouse pointer to see the numbers in that DID group.

Edit Iroute Page

  • When using DID match, and choosing the DID ID, the system will show the DID/DID group using status.

Iroute Page

Iroute Page

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