On the leftmenu,click |Advanced –> Blacklists,open the page

Blacklist Page

Function: Forbid the phone dialin the call center.Once add the blacklist for team , account or device,then the phone will not dialin to the team account or device.


Click the [Add] button,open the addpage

Add Blacklist Page

  • Number:set which phone number to blacklist.
  • Team:which team is effectived by this blacklist rule。
  • Account:Not required,which account is effectived by this blacklist rule.
  • Device:Not required,which device is effectived by this blacklist rule.
  • Status:whether to enable the blacklist.

Save the data,you can see the data in the page list:

Blacklist List Data

double click the data,can edit this blacklist.

Edit Blacklist List

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