Module Installation

  • go to [System Modules], find work order module

Module Installation,plase refer to module_installation

Create a kind of work order

  • go to [Work order] → [Work order], click [Add], we can add many kinds of work order as required
  • We can config where the new work order should go, including CrebyRetention and DirectFlow to group
    • CrebyRetention: the work order will be assiged to the agent who create it.
    • DirectFlow to group: the work order will stay in unassigned status, until the agent group assign it to some agent

  • We need select the range to determine which groups the work order could go

  • Go to “customize Filed”, we could add any fields we need in this work order

  • Click [Add Field], we can read the customized fields list

Binding Work Order

  • We could bind customer service call result with a work order, when select this call result, we could get the link to create the work order

Create a work order

  • Agent could create work order from customer service popup page
  • select the call result, it will display the link to create the work order

  • As agent group, he can create a work order and assign them to agents

Work Order Flow

  • Agent could see his unfinished work order list in [My Work Order] → [New]

  • Double click the work order it will display the detail

  • When the work order is fixed, agent could update status of the work order
  • When agent job is done, the work order will wait to get verify, group admin could read these work order under new tab

  • Group admin could set if a work order is done, he can choose “Verify Failed”, return the work order to agent, or “Verify Success”, close the work order or send it to another group

  • Group admin could see all work orders, and all operation of the work order will be saved

  • Agent could see work order history of a customer in customer service popup page

Missed Calls

  • Go to [Customer Service] → [Missed Calls], group admin could add work order for missed calls

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