How to Use Predictive Dialer in a Campaign

As a necessary tool in an effective call center, predial function raises the speed of dialing by batch-reading the telephone numbers, batch-dialing according to certain rules, and switch the phone calls to agents when the customers answer the phone. The number of the predialed calls can be dynamic regulated at any time, and the number of agents can be adjusted according to the network state. You are going to learn how to use this in the following tutorial.

Add a Compaign

At the system management interface, click “add” at the “Compaigns” page. Then start to configure it:

Here you are going to choose which agents under which agent groups will be participating in the outbound dialing, which customers will the agents be assigned to dealing with, which fields of the customer information are visible and which are editable, whether the agents can see the process of their peers in the same group. You can also set the proportion of the whole assignment the quality inspector needs to do.

Compaign name: enter a name to identify it.

Customer package type: individual and enterprise. “Individual” means a list of all individual customers' information. “Enterprise” means the list of the enterprise's information under compaign management, including the its basic contact information.

Customer package id: the package of a number of selected customer information (from individual/enterprise list) for outbound dialing according to a certain rule or demand. Every compaign corresponds a customer package. The system would set up a datasheet, called sub table of individual or enterprise, everytime a package is created. It is for a convient management of the customer base and to prevent the data in the main table from destruction.

Allow obtain data: whether allow the agents to obtain data from the customer package on their own,

Agent own number: the max number of customers per agent can have.

Each fetch number: the max number of customers agent can be assigned to each time.

Qc percentage: qc = quality control. Set the proportion of the whole assignment the quality inspector needs to do. E.g. if you set a 50% here, and there are 100 data need to be checked, the quality inspector has to check 50 everyday.

Group agent id: choose an agent group under a team to work for the compaign.

More detailed settings to be completed in the “Advanced” menu.

Click 【save】 and a compaign is set up. The new compaign appears on the first line of the data list. Double-click the piece of data to edit.

Add a dial list

We have chosen the customer package type in the previous process. If no customer package has been assigned, the system would generate a customer package which has the same name as the compaign name.

Add customer information and import dial list into this package. You can check the dial list in the dialer interface of the agent's work interface.

In the previous chapter we have introduced how to configure fields and import customer information. Referring to those tutorials when necessary.

Predictive dialing

After adding the dial list, we can start the pre-dialing. Enter “Dialer” page under the agant's work interface as a groupadmin:

“Sxxssx” is the compaign assigned to the agent group “astercc01”. Followings are some of the fields:

Waiting for dial: the number of customers who are waiting for dialing.

Max channel: the number of this means how many calls can be made at the same time. E.g., you enter a 50 here, and the dialer senses that there are 30 in outbound calls, and 10 are ringing, the dialer would make another 10 calls to keep the whole number of calls being made staying at 50.

Agent percentage: the number of agents available multiplied by this percentage is the number of calls to be made. E.g., we set a 120% here, and the dialer senses that there are 40 agents available and there are 10 ringing in the compaign. Here 40-10=30, and 30*120%=36. The 36 is the number of calls to be made.

View diallist: open it and you will see the telephone numbers waiting for dialing.

Recycle: you can get the telephone numbers of the customers in the compaign back into dial list when the dial list is empty and keep on dialing.

After the settings are done, click to start the predial, and the telephone numbers on the list would be automatically dialed.

The numbers in the yellow table are the ones being ringing, the ones in the green table are the calls which are on the phone, and the ones in the red table are which had been answered.

Information like ring duration, customer & agant response time, wait time etc are all clearly on the table.

Generating the data of the statement

We can check the agents' performance, agent stats and other data in the statement.

Statement of the agents' performance:

Statement of agent stats:

they can be onverted to xls/csv files also:

The digitized workload is helpful for further decisions on your business.

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