Since we have already learned how to pre-dial, you may need to know about the filter, which plays an important role in assisting the pre-dial function. When the pre-dialed number needs to be recycled, or be placed into the dialer list again, the filter can recycle all the numbers that meet your settings in a certain period of time. The filter will save the agents a lot of time which they might have used to recycle the numbers one by one. This raises the efficiency significantly.

How to configure the filter.

In the system management interface, Call center outbound management- Compaign customers:

Open “Add filter”.

Filter name: name this filter.

Property: enable the filter or not.

Dialer phone field: is the firstly identified number by the system. When there are two or more telephone numbers in the customer information, you can choose which one to be pre-dialed firstly.

Process schedual: when you would like the filter to start to work. There are five dropdown menu. When all the five are “*”, it means this filter is working all the time. And the same telephone numbers will not be imported into the dialer list again if it's already in it. Select the time you want the filter to start at.

For example

If you want the filter to work at the 0th minute every hour every day, set it like this:

If you want the filter to perform at 9:15 on the first day of each month, set it like this:

If you want the filter to perform at the 15th minute of each hour on every Monday of March, set it like this:

Through those exmple you can better understand the rule of setting the time. “Day” and “Week” cannot be set at the same time.

Now, set the filter conditions

In the “add filter conditions”, choose the field name you need to set and the condition which including Match, Less than, Equal, Greater than, Unequal. Enter the condition in the box. The choice box has all the logical relation.

For example, if you want to add all the customers aged above 25 and surnamed Wang, choose “age” “greater than”, and enter “25”, then choose “or”, and choose the “individual name” field name, “Match” as a condition, finally enter “Wang” in the box.

Click “Add” to set a condition. If you still want to set more conditions, you should allow the system to recycle the data into the dialer list, then you can go on with the setting and adding of the conditions. The added conditions will appear in the chosen pre-dial filter conditions. After saving, you can preview the data in the form at the bottom of the interface.

Now we have finished configuring the filter. You can log in the agent interface to see the dialer list.

Open any recycle list

We can put the number matching the filter conditions into the dialer list. If the recycled customer called “大连(Dalian)”, the filter with the field name containing “大连(Dalian)” will perform immediately. Then we go back to check the dialer list:

The customer numbers which match the conditions now appear in the dialer list, and the system will dial in sequence.

If the number exists in the dialer list, it won't be recycled into the dialer list again by the filter.

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