When we try to import data to the customer package, the column doesnt exist, we have to customise new fields in the customer package to match the newly added customer information, and import the corresponding customer information. We will learn how to do this in this chapter.

Add custom fields in the outbound list

Under the system management page, callcenter outbound→ customise fields,

The system provides more than 30 basic fields by default for the 2 customer information lists. When dealing with special customer information groups, and the data cannot be input with the default fields, you can add fields that are needed here to those lists.

Choose the Tablename, for enterprise customer or individual customer list.

Fieldtype: four for option: input, select, text, datetime

The interfaces differ when you choose different fieldtype:


select, you can select in the dropdown menu;

text, you need to enter text;

datetime, you need to enter time here.

Fieldname: the name of the newly added field, and may contain letters and numbers. The name cannot be started with a number. Fieldlanguage: enter the fieldname to be displayed. If the default language is Chinese, you should enter a Chinese name, and the same applies to English.

If you are going to add a identification number field, enter “identification number” in the fieldlanguage (on condition that the default language of the system is English).

After choosing teamname and customer package, click [save].

And now, you have finished adding a custom field, and the new data will be shown at top of the list.

Import data of customers

Then we are going to import the customer information which involves these fields. Under the system management, opne Callcenter advanced→ Imports.

Choose the file to be imported, and the first 10 items will be shown.

Before upload, you need to convert the format if the it is a csv file following these steps:

Open your file in Notepad++, do as the picture shows:

Choose the customer package in the pulldown menu, and all the field will be listed.

All fields are listed, including the newly added ones. In the dropdown menu under each column, you will find all the fields in the table that you have just selected. There are 3 boxes that you can tick. The first is for view only, the second one allows you to edit, and the third one represents a match dictionary. There is another box that means it will import the dialer list.

Import data matching

The function of the match dictionary

Every field is followed with a box, and you can choose whether to match this field to the dictionary, which equals to the system's matching function of the imported data. Tick the box if the field can be imported into the database only when it matches the dictionary.

Unmatched cases happen when the words are not exactly the same as the default ones. For instance, in the gender field, there could be man and male, which will lead to an unmatched case, causing a data loss.

Before importing the data, you can choose to delete the first few lines. Generally, the first line, which usually is the title, is always deleted and will not be imported into the database. So we delete the first lines of titles and notes only to let the data being imported.

Import plans

Click the “The data into the table” button, you will be prompted the import is done and shown the plan number.

The data is being imported in the background.

You can check the shell import management. Under Callcenter Advanced, open Shell Imports.

“Download” would appear when the data is imported. If you are notified a failure or a repeated download, you need to back to the compaign management of that customer package and check the information.

Field set

Open the compaign management of the customer package, double-click the item.

At the bottom of the interface we can see two buttoms of fieldset, in which we can set whether a specific piece of customer information can be viewed or edited. Interface field set is for agents. All the fields are not displayed in the agent interface by default. Here in [Interfacefieldset] you can set for agants, while [Managementfieldset] is for administritor's own use.

After setting, you may need to enter the Compaign Management of the customer package to see if the data have been imported succesfully. They should all be in the list.

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