how to configure a voice survey with predictive dialer. you need astercc 2.0beta or higher **

Mass upload sound files

login to system,go to Add Sounds page,according to introduction:

upload sound files to Soundfile Path that set in system settings page with ftp or sftp.

the dafault Soundfile Path is “/var/www/html/asterCC/data/soundfiles/” , you should create dirctory teamidentity/languagecode under this path. like this(“document” is the teamidentity): /var/www/html/asterCC/data/soundfiles/document/cn

click Execute button to upload

View uploaded soundfiles in Advanced/Announcements

Add a Survey

When you upload all your voice files, go to Survey → Surveys, to add a new Survey

Here you need name the survey, in surveytype, select “voicetype” then go to Advanced, select the welcome announcement and end announcement in the survey.

select Yes for “Close Quota”, because in voicesurvey, it doesn't support quota yet. (quota is used when you only want get a number of survey from specific people, like 30 men, 30 women, survey will end if we already have enough survey)

You need group all the questions for easier management, so we need add Question Group first

Then we start to add questions

In a voice survey, for now we only have two types “single choose” and “text” Example: Single Choose: please rate for the service: press 1 for worse, 2 for normal, 3 for satisfy, 4 for wonderful Text: please give a score for the service, from 0 to 100. Compared with the general questionnaire, you need to select an announcement for each question (the files you uploaded above). Mandatory: when callee answer the question via phone pad, when the 1st time it plays the questions, callee doesn't input anything or they press a invalid key, system will play the question again, if system still could not get a valid input, and this question is mandatory, the survey will end with a failure result, on the other way, if it is not mandatory, system will go to next question.

When it's set, click “OK” for next question.

After the question is set, if it's “Single Choose”, you need put options for it(text question doesn't need this step), it has no different with the regular question.

Please note that the user key input numbers and the serial number is the corresponding option, the user inputs 1, it shows chose the first answer to this question, so when you want to record a voice note and answers correspondence.

If you need to follow the user to enter the questionnaire answers questions to jump, then you need to set the questionnaire logic, set in the same way with ordinary questionnaire

The figure above jumps to set up two logical rules, one is a single conditional jump (choose one of the options for question 1 1, jump to question 3), and the other one is a compound conditional jumps (when the problem a select option 2 or three, and the answer to question 2 select 2, the end of the questionnaire)

Add a campaign

Go to Campaign → Campaigns, create a campaign for the survey, and you need select an agent group for the campaign(even no agent need in this campaign at all), and select the voice survey we just created. In tag “Adv-Setting” → Dial-in Exten, choose Current Survey, then when customer answer a call, system will transfer the call to the voice survey which is bound with the campaign.

Import of pre-dial numbers, number list file upload (comma separated csv mode, utf8 coding best), select the team and select the previous step to create a task corresponding outbound client package (selection table), select the corresponding column in the list corresponds to customer data item, select the telephone number listed below pre-dial telephone (numbers only checked into the pre-dial list), and click the data into a table to generate export plan.

Go to Call Center → Shell Import Job, you can see the status of the importing job.

When it's done, you can go to Campaign → Customers to check the customer list, go to Dialer → Campaign Diallist to check the numbers in dialer list.

Start Dialer

Go to Dialer → Dialer, select the team, find the campaign, because we don't need agent in the voice survey, we just use “By Max Calls” which means how many concurrent calls this campaign will have, click “Start” to fire.

Customer Answered means it's connected.


Go to Survey → Survey Statistics, you can get

How many callees finished the survey.

The scale for each option in a question.

For detail, you can go to Campaign → Quality Control to check

8000: customer answered 1,2,3 and then hangup, error closed

8004: customer answered, choose option 1 in the 1st question, and jump to question 3 by the logical in question, and finished all rest question 3 4 5, so it is success closed

8005: customer choose option 2 in the 1st question, jump to end, then it is a success closed.

8006: answer all questions, success closed

8007 8009 8010: customer has no valid input, error close

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