How to Config Inbound Popup for Campaign

In last chapter,we have introduced the creation of survey for campaign.Here we will deploy the configuration of inbound popup for campaign.

Create the Campaign

Go to [ Campaign ] → [ Campaigns ],you can go to adding interface via click “Add” on the top of page,as the figure shown below:

You can refer to Campaigns to realize the meaning of fields in this interface,then configure it according to your needs.

Add the Application Binding

After added the campaign,we will go to [ Call Center ]→[ App Binding ] and bind the application with DID number.

Select the target of campaign after selecting the “Type”,you also add limit of DID and CIDNumber at the same time.

The Inbound Popup on Agent Portal

The details of customer will popup under the campaign dialout interface,although the customer dialed in.You can modify and save the details after double-click.And the History details is following,include AgentNo,CallType,CampaignResult and so on.

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