How to use E-Commerce in the Customer Service

Module Install

  • Go to `System Modules` page,find `E-Commerce` module

Module install,please refer to Module Installation

After finished the module,need to create the E-Commerce program,integrate the product into one E-Commerce for agent sales

Create E-Commerce

  • On the leftmenu,go to [E-Commerce] → [E-Commerce], click [Add] button. According to different needs,we can create different E-Commerce

Add E-Commerce

Add product for E-Commerce

  • On the leftmenu,go to [E-Commerce] → [Products], Choose the assigned E-Commerce by the select on the top of page,then click [Add] button to add product for the E-Commerce

Add E-Commerce Product

As above,add one product for `testCommerce`

The parameter on the add page,refer to Product

If need to add many products for current E-Commerce,please repeat the step,untill finished to add product

Bind E-Commerce

On the add page or edit page,both can bind the E-Commerce for the Customer Service

Bind E-Commerce

After binded the E-Commerce,can see the binded E-Commerce on the customer popup page

E-Commerce of the customer popup page on Agent Work Portal Page

login the system by agent,login the agentgroup to work,like this:

Agent Work Portal Page

The customer will popup when the call dialin

The content is long on the customer popup page,so split the page into two page to can see the E-Commerce by scroll bar

Customer Popup Page

Customer Popup Page

As above,can see the binded E-Commerce on the customer popup page.So the agent can sale the products and create order for customer.

details can refer to the E-Commerce explain in how_to_config_customer_service_module_for_inbound_calls

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