In a campaign, we will import customer information first from a csv or excel file, then we can assign the customers to agents, agent login and dial the customer one by one, they can select the call result, make a scheduler for next call or mark the customer as failed/success. During the call, if customer is interested, agent could send email/SMS/fax in agent portal page.

We will learn how to config the following features in asterCC:

  1. setup a phone system
  2. config a campaign
  3. import customers and assign
  4. agent portal
  5. config email server
  6. config fax



You can install asterCC on a server, PC or Virtual Machine.


We need a trunk for outbound calls at first place.

We need the following resouces according to different types of trunks:

  • Network trunk– asterCC supports trunks with SIP and IAX2 protocol. We do not need extra facilities when using such trunk. Different ITSP has different connection way. For instance, most would offer user name, password and server address for connection.
  • E1 – we need a E1 voice card and audio gateway (AG) with SIP protocol for transferring E1 calls into SIP calls.
  • Analog trunk– we do not recommend analog trunks for outbound system, since most analog trunks do not have reverse polarity signals, thus, the system cannot recognise user status, which means, when the calls are not answered or the numbers do not exist, the system would think there is a answer signal and transfer the call to IVR. Therefore, we do not recommend an analog trunk in this condition. To build an analog trunk, we need an analog voice card (FXO interface) or an audio gateway (AG) of the analog trunk.

System Installation

Please refer to:installation

Module Installation

To transfer broadcasting to IVR, we need module compaign and predictive dialer

Quickly Setup Extension and Agent

We need at least an account to bill the compaign, and extensions to test the trunk. We also need to take into account the agents which may be used someday.

We can add accounts and extentions in bulk regardless of agents

Adding Trunk

Outbound Testing

Now we test if the extention of the team can call

  • assign the trunk to team, and make every call placed by this team go trough this trunk

  • in the menu on the left, PBXDevices, choose an unused extension and double-click it to check its login name and password

Creating Agent Group

To achieve better service, we need to build a agent group to answer the customers who need operator services.

  • In the menu on the left, choose User→Agent Groups,and Add agent group.
  • Portal: When agents login the agent interface, the system will open a page by default. Here we choose default.

  • Click [Add Agent], and select the agents into the group, then save.
    • Here we assign agent number 5000 the monitor of the group.

  • Each group needs a queue, and if the system cannot find there is no queue when you save, there will popup a tip asking if a queue is to be created, and now we choose “auto add queue”.

  • In the menu on the left, Advanced→Queue: In the Queue management page we can see the automatically added queue. Double-click to modify.
    • In this case, agent would not receive calls from the queue, so we don't need to change anything

Creating a Campaign

  • click Campaign → Campaigns, open the campaign management page, click [Add] for adding a new campaign
    • Agent Group:select the agent group “Campaign” which we just created
    • Agent Obtain: if agent could get customers information from the customer package of the campaign
    • Each Fetch:when Agent Obtain is “yes”, we could use this number to set how many records agent could get each time
    • Agent Max. Own:the max. records agent could get each day
    • Customer Package: the target of the campaign, if you dont select one when you add a campaign, system will create an empty one for you.

  • click Campaign → Customer Packages, you can see the customer package created by system for this campaign
    • a customer package will store the customer information which is waiting for dialing in the campaign.

Config a Email Server

if you dont need send email in the campaign, you dont need a email server, just skip this section

  • 左侧菜单点击 群发信息管理 → 邮件服务器,点击添加,设置一个smtp服务器
    • 对于坐席使用的邮件发送服务器,需要选择团队
    • 点击测试可以在页面上测试是否可以成功连接服务器

Config email template

We could add one or several email templates for the campaign, so agent could select one template to send to customers during the call.

  • click Messages → Templates,click [Add]
    • “objectType” choose “Campaign”
    • “objectname”: you could select “Sales” which means this template is only available in this campaign, if not select any, means it's available in all campaigns
    • “Agent Choose”: “Yes” means agent could choose this template in the campaign
    • “Modify”: “Yes” means agent could modify the template before sending to customer (this modification would not change the template)

Config Campaign Result Code

We could config a call code to sort the numbers we called.

  • go to Campaign → Results, click [Add]
    • the code could be configured for global or just for a team.
    • it could be also assign to one or several campaign.
    • we could define the result for “Answer” or “No Answer”, system will switch based the call automatically.

Config Dict

In order to unify the data format, the system supports “dictionary”, here we config a dictionary for gender

  • go to Call Center → Import Dict,[Add], we already know that for individual records, we use male and female for gender
    • add record male ← boy
    • add female ← girl


  • go to Call Center → Import
  • upload the file you want to import (csv or excel)
  • choose the package “Sales” on left drop down menu
    • select the field we want to import under the column
    • check the first checkbox for view only, the second checkbox for edit
    • for gender, check the checkbox “dict”
    • put remove the first 1 row for removing the title
    • ignore the warning

  • go to Call Center → Shell Import Jobs
    • the import job should be finished in 2 minutes

  • go to Campaign → Customer Packages, double click “Sales” ,click [Edit Customer In Customerpage] to check the records in the package
    • click [Add] to add customers from main customer database
    • double click a record to open the edit window

Agent Portal

login from an agent account

  • the agent portal is

  • click tab “dialoutinterface”, open campaign module

  • click campaign “Sales” on left panel
    • for the agent, we dont assign any customers yet, but we enabled [Agent Obtain], click the button to get some customers

  • we only imported 2 records, so this time, agent only get two

  • double click to open the customer

  • click the icon after the phone number, system prompt that agent need check in first

  • click the agent group icon (first one on tools bar), check-in the agent group

  • click the call icon again, agent phone ring

  • after agent answered, system will call customer number
    • from the browser title, we can see current status

  • when select “pending”, system will ask for a scheduler and a priority

  • click the tab, you can see the customers under different tab

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