System Rates are used to bill outbound cost for each trunk and system

When a outbound call is made and trunk is used, system will search the trunk rate and see if there's a rate matched, if yes, then it will calculate the cost and cumulative to trunk cost and system cost.

  • Only system administrators can set the system rates

Click to Rate Management → System rates will show a list of the current system rates:

system rate list

  • if Prefix is “default”, the rate will match any number prefix
  • if Length is “0”, the rate will match any number length
  • the Team under System rates actually does not make sense
  • If no trunk is selected, the call cost will be cumulatived to system cost, but no any trunk cost.
  • Trunk under system rate has has nothing to do with outbound route, only used to calculate the cost of the trunk
  • Only when the trunk is used for outbound, system will find rates matched under the trunk and do accumulate.

Click the “Add” button to add a new rate

add system rate

Double-click on a recrd, you can open the editing window

edit system rate

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