1. Function menu bar
  2. Displays the current login information
  3. Team name
  4. VoIP extension Status Bar: When using the VoIP device registration, where the extension will display the speed of the device to the server
  5. Check In button
  6. Outbound dialing button: Click Dial panel will appear
  7. Call Status button: Click to call panel will appear
  8. Pause button
  9. Consulting button:
  10. Back button:
  11. Tripartite Meeting on the button:
  12. Transfer button
  13. Task reminder button: Click the task to remind the panel will appear
  14. Google Maps button: Click the map panel will appear
  15. Mail / SMS button: Click the message text panel will appear
  16. Settings button
  17. Exit button
  18. System framework
  19. Display the menu bar label
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