• Login: means the agent or the account enter the system with his username password
  • Logoff: means the agent or the account exits the system, this action may be actively log out, is also possible that the system log off the user due to timeout.
  • Checkin: means agents get into the queue and ready to work, so the queue will send calls to him based queue rules
  • Check out: that agents exit from the queue, the queue will not send calls to him any more.

For the agents, in general, when logoff he will also chek out, but if there are two browser login and checkin with the same agent account, then one of them close the window, the system will keep the agent status as checkin, and then when the second agent logoff or close the window, the system will automatically check him out. 1)

2012/01/31 02:41 王黎
1) system would not checkout stastic agent automaticly
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