asterCC 0.X asterCC commercial version
PBX features No Yes
User level need to have some knowledge of asterisk and linux by reading the manual, you can use
Billing billing support by extension, support for hierarchical billing support billing for extension, trunk, agent
Invoice None Support and it can generate invoices and send automatically
Usage single-user support multi-user
dialer need to manually configure configuration through web interface
dialer controller by max channels or by free agents by max calls, free agent or advanced control
survey simple professional survey system
E-mail / SMS No Yes, allow to set the template and modify the permissions, and to support batch send
API no provides all the call state and interface
agent interface Easy work place, rich features
agent extension SIP / IAX / DAHDI SIP / IAX/ DAHDI or external phone
agent login stastic agents, or login via a custom dial plan stastic agent or login via web, hot key or a IVR
Data protection no support the establishment of separate data packets and supports rollback
Backup No support setting a backup plan and restore the backup via the page
agent monitoring can monitor agent in call can monitor the working status of all agents
the third party integration only way to provide a ringing call popup all events can be sent by javascript so it can be integrated with a variety of B/S system, it's a high degree of integration
agent features dial-up, hang up dial-up, hang up, consulting, attent transfer, blind transfer, conference
Recording support first call recording call full recording
voice card support need to manually configure support through web interface configuration
Customer management can be achieved by modifying the source code and database support custom client information through interface tables
Reports Simple offers a variety of professional reports
IVR features not supported can be configured through WEB GUI
Asterisk configuration not supported Support config through WEB GUI
Asterisk version all asterisk version (havn't test 10 or above) need specific asterisk version
Upgrade need to manually upgrade support manual or automatic upgrade
License web scripts open source, and provides a full open-source ways of working All closed source
License Type licensed by concurrent channels licensed by agents
For whom simple call center application complex call center applications, call center or PBX operator or needs to integrate with existing systems
Price low / no free for PBX features(including billing),agent license is affordable
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