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   * put all trunks you want to use into one group   * put all trunks you want to use into one group
   * read [[:​en:​module_manual:​advanced:​trunkgroup]] for more information for trunk group   * read [[:​en:​module_manual:​advanced:​trunkgroup]] for more information for trunk group
 {{:​en:​faq:​trunk_groups.png?​768|}} {{:​en:​faq:​trunk_groups.png?​768|}}
 ===== Config trunk rules ===== ===== Config trunk rules =====
 +  * You can use prefix, length and then select a trunk, in this case, if the dialed number match the rule, it will choose the trunk
 +<note tip>You can also change caller id for inbound calls from this trunk group</​note>​
 +===== Apply the rule for whole team =====
 +  * If you want to apply the outbound rules for whole team, just go to team, select this trunk group
 +===== Apply the rule for specific users =====
 +  * If you only want to some user to use this rules, you can group the users to one account group, and select to use trunk group only for this group.
 +<note tip>​Agent will use rules which is applied to his account</​note>​
-===== Make sure the account is using the trunk group ===== 
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