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 +====== How to upgrade system ======
 +  * When there'​s a new version available, you can find the information in System Modules
 +  * Download the upgrade package, for core upgrade, usually it is very big, not easy to upload via GUI, you can download to your local computer and then upload to server via FTP or SFTP, or you can ssh to the server and download to astercc directly
 +    * For example, the link to download is http://​download1.astercc.org/​packages/​core/​core-2.2-rc2-patch-x86_64.tar.gz
 +cd /​var/​www/​html/​asterCC/​data/​_cache/​
 +wget http://​download1.astercc.org/​packages/​core/​core-2.2-rc2-patch-x86_64.tar.gz
 +  * When you upload (or download) the package, refresh the page, you can find the "​Upgrade"​ button
 +  * Click the button to perform the upgrade
 +<note important>​During the upgrade, please make sure you don't have ongoing calls</​note>​
 +  * You can also upgrade in ssh
 +tar zxf http://​download1.astercc.org/​packages/​core/​core-2.2-rc2-patch-x86_64.tar.gz
 +cd core-2.2-rc2-patch-x86_64
 +php install.php
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