How to Implement After Call Survey for Agent

In asterCC system,there is a default IVR of after call survey for agent,but that's a Chinese version,so we should create a new one to implement the survey function.

Upload Announcements

We need upload the announcements which will be used in IVR after hung up,for example:“Please make an evaluation for the service….” “Welcome to call us anytime…” and so on.

On the [Advanced]→[Announcements] page,you can upload announcement via click the [Add] button,as follows:

Add IVR of After Call Survey

Press the [Advanced]→[IVR] on the left menu to enter the IVR adding page,you can create a new IVR via clicking the [Add] button,as follows:

Add the Answer Action

Add the first action,this action is an Answer action,as follows:

Add the ReadData Action

Then add the second action whose action is ReadData,add the Announcement which we uploaded into it,to prompt the customer enter the evaluation IVR,as follows:

Add the Webservice Action

Last action but not the least,as we use the webservice in asterCC system,so fill the blanks with specific content as follows:

Add the Failed Transfer

The Conditions' value in transfer isn’t the score for agent,it is the return parameter of webservice.

The first condition is 0:

Add the Success Transfer

The second condition is 1:

Assign the IVR to Queue

Double-click the [Advanced]→[Rate Announce] under [Advanced]→[Queues] directory,as follows:

You can enter the [Statistics]→[Rate Log] directory below to evaluate agent:

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