How to Control Concurrent Calls in Predictive Dialer

The Trunk Provider

Above all,we should recognize the maximum volume of trunk that bought from provider。


Open the left management list,click [Realtime]→[System Messages],you can see the “Max. Dialer Concurrent Calls” on the message page of whole system,as follows:


Open the management list on the left,click [Dialer]→[Dialer Setting],you can see the “Max Dialer Concurrent” of all teams,“-1” means “No Limitation”,as follows:

If your trunk bind to one team only. To avoid wasting customer data which caused by inappropriate setting of dialer,you can set the maximum volume of trunk here.


Besides setting in System and Teams,we also set the “Max Dialer Channel” in campaigns. Click [Campaign]→[Campaigns],under “Predictive Dialer” label,there is a field named “Dialer MaxChannel”,it will worked as “Max Calls” on “Advanced” page of Dialer,0 means “No Limitation”,as follows:

Advanced of Dialer

Click [Dialer]→[Dialer],you can enter the dial console,as follows:


Max Calls:This value can be set in campaign above,0 means “No Limitation”.

When dialer use “By Max. Calls”,although the value of “By Max. Calls” higher than “Max Calls”,the number of concurrent will reduced to “Max Calls” automatically.

When dialer use “By Available Agent”,the number of concurrent=(Logged Quantity × Percent of Available Agent)/Answered Rate. No matter concurrent you set up,it no more than “Max Calls”.

Dial Limit:How many calls are going to be dialed each time.

Dialer Interval:How often does the predictive-dialer dial.


If the concurrent still as much as before,and less than your expected value after settings above.Please check the data in [System]→[Curspools] ordered by “Created”,if the created time of data is long time to now,for example:more than half an hour and so on,we can treat them as wrong data. Please select and delete the wrong data,as follows:

Many calls can only continue 1-2 seconds,this kind of calls can't be displayed on concurrent page,but it can occupy the actual concurrent of trunk.

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