How to Cancel the IP AccessLimit

The purpose of IP AccessLimit is to specify which IP can be allowed to log in this system.If you set “” to AccessLimit only,you should write it as:

Modify the Setting in Astercc System

Click [System]→[Settings]→[ADVANCED SETTINGS SYSTEM],you can cancel the limit of IP segment via double-click it,as shown below:

It means that access of IP is not prohibited when it saves nothing.

Modify the Setting in Database System

Not only can you set up this function in Astercc system,but also manipulate it in MySQL.It applies to not put yourself to access,proceed as follows:

Firstly,you should login the database,the default database is:astercc10,default password is:astercc。

 mysql -h127.0.0.1 -uroot -pastercc astercc10 -A 

Secondly,you know which IPs be allowed to visit after execute the command:

 select * from cc10_settings where item='ip_limit'; 

And then,you can disabled the function of IP AccessLimit when execute the command below:

 update cc10_settings set itemvalue=NULL where item='ip_limit'; 

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