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 ===== How to Assign the Trunk to Predictive Dialer ===== ===== How to Assign the Trunk to Predictive Dialer =====
-If 如果外呼营销任务使用"​预拨号"​则通过指定预拨号的账户,来指定使用哪个中继进行外呼营销。需要选择使用中继01账号组内的账户,如:astercc0或者astercc1,如下图+If dial out through Predictive Dialer,we should appoint the account belongs to account_group01 to assign the trunke.g.:astercc0 ​or astercc1,as follows
 {{:​en:​faq:​assign_trunk_to_campaign04.png?​750|}} {{:​en:​faq:​assign_trunk_to_campaign04.png?​750|}}
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