How to Assign the Trunk to Campaign

Trunk is a route connecting the local telephone network and other telephone network(mainly the traditionl PSTN network or other IP PBX system).

Set the Trunk in Team

If the team has one trunk only,you just need change it in teams,as follows:

Set the Trunk in Account Groups

The campaign need bind to a agent group,at the same time,agent has one account belongs to himself.

For example:There are 5 accounts in team named “test_team”,the accounts' name from astercc0 to astercc4.The team uses a trunk group named “ trunkgroup01”,and there are 3 trunks in it,these are trunk01,trunk02 and trunk03.Now,we will assign a special trunk(e.g.:trunk01) or trunk group to campaign,what should we do?

Add the Agents' Accounts to a Account Group

e.g.:If we want to use trunk01 dial out when as agent01 or agent02,we should add astercc0 and astercc1 to account_group01,as follows:

Assign the Trunk(or trunk group) to Account Group

Then,we should bind trunk named “trunk01” to the account group,as follows:

How to Assign the Trunk to Predictive Dialer

If dial out through Predictive Dialer,we should appoint the account belongs to account_group01 to assign the trunk,e.g.:astercc0 or astercc1,as follows:

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