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 |pwdtype|String|Use plaintext or md5 password for agent or account| |pwdtype|String|Use plaintext or md5 password for agent or account|
 |password|String|password| |password|String|password|
-|agent_group_id|String|ids of the agent group+|agent_group_id|String|ids of the agent group,Multiple agent group divided by commas,​ex:​1,​2,​3 This value is space-time, representing a change in the working mode of all agent group|
-|callbackFuc|String|call back function|+
   *Return Format:   *Return Format:
   *Type of the Return Value: String   *Type of the Return Value: String
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 ^ Value ^ Description ^ ^ Value ^ Description ^
-|<​code>​|Return|1|Return|message</​code>​|<​code>​Succeeded||Messages</​code>​| +|<​code>​|Retuen|1|Retuen|message</​code>​|<​code>​Succeeded||Messages</​code>​| 
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