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-====== Get single ​agent stat ======+====== Get the status of all agent in team ======
   * Function:   * Function:
-<​code>​agentRealtimeCJI ​(orgidentity,​usertype,​user,​pwdtype,​password,​callbackFuc)+<​code>​teamStatus(orgidentity,​ usertype, user, pwdtype, password, ​status)
 </​code>​ </​code>​
   * Description:​   * Description:​
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 |pwdtype|String|password type: plaintext/​md5| |pwdtype|String|password type: plaintext/​md5|
 |password|String|password| |password|String|password|
-|callbackFuc|String|callback function| +|status|String|<​code>​Get a list of agent in the corresponding state(all,​idle,​busy,​ring,​pause,​acw,​login,​logout),​Multiple states are separated by commas,​ex:​idle,​busy 
 +    * all  get the status of all agent 
 +    * idle  get the idle agent 
 +    * busy  get the call agent 
 +    * ring  get the ring agent 
 +    * pause  get the pause agent 
 +    * acw  get the acw agent 
 +    * login  get the login agent 
 +    * logout ​ get the logout agent 
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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-  * Type of the Return Value:JSON+  * Type of the Return Value:String
   * Return Values:   * Return Values:
 ^ Value      ^ Description ​      ^ ^ Value      ^ Description ​      ^
 message is current agent stat:  message is current agent stat: 
-agent name|agent No.|current status|status last duration|busy times|paused times|off times|meeting times|training times|break times|other times|busy duration|paused duration|off duration|meeting duration|training duration|break duration|other duration, ​ex: +agent No.:current status,agent No.:current status ​ ex:  
-{code:​1,​message:​Joe|8005|busy|85|7|1|1|2|1|1|1|120|10|20|60|10|10|10} +|Retuen|1|Retuen|1005: idle,1006:ring</​code>​| 
-If you didn't see agent name, means last name of the agent is empty +|<​code>​|Retuen|2|Retuen|message</​code>​ |<​code>​|Retuen|failed|Retuen|message</​code>​|
-agent state includes: idle, pause, ​ring, busy, acw, logout. +
-all duration is seconds +
-</​code>​| +
-|<​code>​{code:2,message:message}</​code>​ |<​code>​{code:failed,message:message}</​code>​|+
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