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   *Function:   *Function:
-<​code>​agentgroupStatus(orgidentity,​usertype,​user,​ pwdtype,​password,​agent_group_id,​agenttype)</​code>​+<​code>​agentgroupStatus(orgidentity,​ usertype, user, pwdtype, password, agent_group_id,​status)</​code>​
   *Description:​   *Description:​
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 |password|String|password| |password|String|password|
 |agent_group_id|String|id of the agent group| |agent_group_id|String|id of the agent group|
-|agenttype|String|login(only check agents who is login) / all (all agents in the agent group)| +|status|String|<​code>​Get a list of agent in the corresponding state(all,​idle,​busy,​ring,​pause,​acw,​login,​logout),Multiple states are separated by commas,ex:idle,busy 
-|status|String|<​code>​获取相应状态的坐席列表(all,​idle,​busy,​ring,​pause,​acw,​login,​logout),多个状态用逗号分割,如:idle,busy +    * all  get the status of all agent in group 
-    * all 获取组内所有坐席的状态 +    * idle  get the idle agent in group 
-    * idle 获取组内空闲坐席 +    * busy  get the call agent in group 
-    * busy 获取组内通话坐席 +    * ring  get the ring agent in group 
-    * ring 获取组内振铃坐席 +    * pause  get the pause agent in group 
-    * pause获取组内暂停坐席 +    * acw  get the acw agent in group 
-    * acw 获取组内话后坐席 +    * login  get the login agent in group 
-    * login获取组内签入坐席 +    * logout ​ get the logout agent in group
-    * logout ​获取组内签出坐席+
 </​code>​| </​code>​|
   *Return Format:   *Return Format:
   *Type of the Return Value: String   *Type of the Return Value: String
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 ^Return ^Description ^ ^Return ^Description ^
-|<​code>​|Return|1|Return|message|Return|status</​code>​|<​code>​|Retuen|成功|Retuen|信息描述 +|<​code>​|Retuen|1|Retuen|message</​code>​|<​code>​|Retuen|succeed|Retuen|message 
-message为每个坐席的当前状态,即 ​ +Message is the current status of each agent ex
-坐席工号:状态,​坐席工号:​状态,举例 +|Retuen|1|Retuen|1005:​ idle,​1006:​ring</​code>​|
-|Retuen|1|Retuen|1005:​ idle,​1006:​ring +
 |<​code>​|Return|2|Return|message</​code>​|<​code>​Failed||Messages</​code>​| |<​code>​|Return|2|Return|message</​code>​|<​code>​Failed||Messages</​code>​|
-<​code>​Status String contains the status of one or several agents, each status will end with || 
-for one agent: agent no,agent id,status|| 
-for several agents: 
-Status: idle, ringing, busy, in use(agent have hangup, but the conversation is not, like caller is talking ​ 
-to a consult, but agent is free to make call), pause,​logout</​code>​ 
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