New Features


  • [ Account statement ] → “Add” → “Adjust Credit”, add new payment “CMB”、“CCB”、“Alipay”、“Cash”、“Wechat”、“Other”.


  • [ Sub cdrs ] → “Sub cdrs” page, used to check sub CDRs such as consult, transfer etc.

  • [ trunks ] → “Trunk” you can clone a trunk now (include all routes related).


  • [ Queues ] → Add new strategy “rrordered”.

Call center

  • According to contact list, you can set if to mute the party automatically.


  • [ Live monitoe ] → Added a new column “Start at”, to mark the start time of the current agent status.

  • Use cookies to save team and agent group you selected.


  • [ Dialer ] → Recyclable column will follow background settings.

  • [ Dialer ] → All you to dial multiple numbers for each customer.

Work orders

  • When you define a work order, you can define related dropdown menu.

Agent portal

  • Automaticly refresh workorder list after saving work order


  • Added a new custom field “link” which you can use to popup a custom url such as google map:

then in agent portal, agent could open google map with address

for more details please check How to use customized link to integrate with 3rd party system

Bug fix


  • When you use DID group in inbound route, if you delete the DID group, you can't open that route


  • Datetime plugin was missing in Campaign, Manual assign window

Mass sneder

  • Sent messages was visable for all team admins

Agent portal

  • Missed calls in customer service module, “Data could not be … ” prompt when you try to add a new work order
  • Callerid was hidden when you selected in queue。
  • Callerid wssn't hidden in calendar even you selected hide contact
  • Browser keep refreshing if you did a search in dialoutinterface and click last page.


  • datamover exit if you have special characters in callerid
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