New Features


  • The sign(.) can be used as composition of identity in teams,but it can't be used on the head and tail of identity.
  • In [User]→[Roles]→[Add] page,we can ajust the size of windows via double-clicking the title of head.


  • Optimize the display page when adding serveral DIDs one time,it will prompt the number of success,error and repeat in total.


  • Add the “Batch Deletes” function of CID restricts.


  • Add the “Clone” function on the [Campaign]→[Campaigns].It can create a new campaign with same settings of the existed campaign except the survey,you can rename the campaign and assign the agent group.

  • Optimize the displaying permissions of field on customer interface,the “Edit” or “View and Required” fields can be displayed on the agent work page.
  • Add the display privilege of field named “agentno” on front or background.
  • Add “Recognition Result” field into Customers of campaigns.

Call Center

  • Add the importing function of callerid restricts on [Call Center]→[Import] page.

  • Optimization of importing performance in system.


  • Add the “Select All” function of Team and Agent Group on [Realtime]→[Live Monitor] page.We can select all agent groups via selecting the team.

  • Add the information of “Current Version” on System Messages page.


  • The improvement of TripData and Message Retention Time under [System]→[Settings]→[LARGEDATA PROCESS].The default value of Trip Data Retention Time turn to 7 days.Add the setting of Message Retention Time.


  • Add the Dialer Noanswer Cause report,it shows the number and proportion of each state via pie chart based on the campaign.

Customer Service

  • Keep the fields consistent between “Agent Fields” in customer service and “Customer Fields” in customer.

Agent Desk

  • Add a “Refresh” button to refresh the available agent on Consult page.

Bug Fix


  • When a trunk belongs to several trunk groups,fixed bug that it will clear all rules in trunk groups when delete the trunk from one group.


  • Fixed the bug that content of CallResult which belong a team can't be shown under Customers and Quality Control pages.
  • Adjust the style of searching box under Manual Assign Customers in Edit Campaign page.
  • Fixed the bug that can't search out date by “CallResult” which include sign(,) under Customers and Quality Control pages.

Call Center

  • Fixed the bug that agents have different priviliges can't download the report under Shell Jobs page.
  • Repaired the confused format of .csv file exported from system.


  • Fixed the locale bug of quota under survey page.
  • Fixed the jump limit of the last question in voice survey.
  • Improve the locale of survey and optimize the display of question number.


  • The Lastcallin on [Realtime]→[Live Monitor] page,it modifies from start with beginning time to ending time of agent.

Knowledge Base

  • Modifed the bug that unable to flip normally on Knowledge Base list page.


  • Fixed the bug that the agent can logout after set to “Static“ by administrator.
  • Fixed bug that the team administrator can't login the system after modify his password.
  • Fixed the bug can't relieve the agent binding relation after remove the agent from agent group.
  • Hided the error message of pcilib to avoid to misleading customers.The message of pcilib is: sysfs_read_vpd: read failed: Connection timed out.

Agent Desk

  • Fixed the bug that the survey can't be selected to answer when there are several surveys in one campaign.
  • Fixed the bug that blank popup on agent interface caused by removing the E-Commerce which binded with campaign.
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