New Features


  • Extend the range of recording(record begin from ringring,rather than answered).
  • Checking the agent whether belong to the agent group that was using When romove the agent.
  • Add “Auto Stop ACW(s)” function.

  • New API of webservice which statistics in agent groups.
  • Change the fixed size of selection area.


  • Add the function of deleting the past CDR by the script.


  • [Advanced]→[Announcements],when you create new announcements,you can adopt TTS.

  • Add “judge_time” to IVR(main IVR and sub IVR) action.
  • On the page of IVR,add PTTS to actions named “Play Announce” and “ReadData”.

  • New translation and displacement for special characters that import/export data to PBX.


  • On the page of [Statistics]→[Agent Details],add columns(workmode_dialin,workmode_dialout,workmode_all) to display and export.


  • On the page of [Campaign]→[Campaigns],under the “Predictive Dialer” label,there is a new field:remote_fields.

  • On the page of [Campaign]→[Customer Packages],the custom field can be showed in “Individual” and “Organization” tables of database.


  • On the page of [System]→[Recording Plans],Whether delete the source file of recording when we delete the Recording Plans.

  • New APIs of testConnect and setNode to the system.


  • On the page of [Dialer]→[Filter Log].To Memo(SQL),changing from “read only” to “allow copying”.

Agent Desk

  • On agent desk page,add a radio button that control all status in different agent groups.

  • On agent desk page,when you click the “start/end” button,the “js alert” turn to a “tip” that disappered 3 seconds later.

  • On the dialoutinterfaces,when the new customers dialed,the system will update “autocount,noanswernum and answernum” according start/end time in log.
  • At the top right corner of the interface agent,we add a datetime table.

  • On the agent desk,we add “current status and duration” under the “Status” button.

  • On the agent desk,when you click the “Obtain Customer” button,the first date of customer will appearing automatically.

Bug Fix


  • Fixed the bug that can't run the function of “select all” in [User]→[Agent Groups]→[Edit Agent].


  • Fixed the bug that “Ext.No.*” allow to input alphabet on [PBX]→[Devices]→[Basic].


  • Fixed the bug that the wrong address of accounts portrait on [Advanced]→[Conferences]→[Edit Administrator].

  • Fixed the bug that the recordings still existed although we have deleted on [Advanced]→[MOHs] page.

  • Fixed the bug that can't allow “|” and “;” when we use “TTS” on [Advanced]→[MOHs]→[Edit Sounds].


  • Add “Select Team” before “Please Select” on [Statistics]→[IVR Details].

  • Fixed the bug that the “First Login Time” as same as “Last Logout Time” on [Statistics]→[Agent Details].

Virtual Office

  • Fixed bugs on [Virtual Office]→[Caller]
    • There is only one user,the user should be selected by default to vcustomers.
    • The “Vcustomer-test_select” can't be selected in edit page.

Call Center

  • Rename following page to “Shell Jobs” on [Call Center].


  • Fixed the bug that there are several agents from other groups of the right column on [Message]→[Internal Messages].

  • Fixed the bug that strings of contents in SMS.
  • Fixed the bug that it can't use “display name” instead of database column name in template.
  • On the page of [Messages]→[SMS Server],fixed the bug that SMS servers are default at the same time belong one team.

  • Fixed the “Balance Inquiry” Interface bug of XiAo‘s SMS server.


  • On [System]→[Recording Plan]→[Add Plan]
    • Fixed the bug that we should create the direction manually if the “Move Path” isn't exist.
    • Fixed the bug that only the first one plan can be carried out among plans in the same time.


  • Fixed the bug that the dialer filter can't work when we import or start it.

Agent Desk

  • Fixed the bug that when we click the “Obtain Customer” button,the data of customer will turn to be -0.5.
  • On agent desk,fixed the bug that lacking of “Customer Service” option in “Object” of Email/SMS.

  • Fixed the bug that the “Dial Plan” page disappering when click “Call Refresh” in “Menu”.

  • On the agentdesk,when we add the new customer by campaign on dialoutinterface,update “autocount,noanswernum and answernum” fields according to “Answertime” and “Endtime” automatically.
  • Fixed the bug that the “Status” will display “NA:NA:NA” when click “Call Refresh” button in “Menu”.

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