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 +====== New Features ======
 +  * Support ASR engine for Chinese
 +  * Support to use ASR engine to recognize phone call status (power off, busy, invalid etc)
 +  * When save a customer in campaign, system could post all information to a specific url
 +  * New information when export customer data
 +    * last call start time
 +    * last call end time
 +    * last call duration
 +  * In agent detail statistic page, support export job
 +  * Command line to re-generate and reload all configration
 +  * A new API for call conference, and it allows for DTMF pass through
 +====== Bug Fix ======
 +  * When enable hide contact, in some other module, agent can still see customer phone number
 +  * Fixed duplicated menu in import page when using different role
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