New Features

  • In IVR, all actions now have a failure destination

  • Support ASR in IVR

  • Support IVR for import/export

  • Display queue status in agent portal

  • In report, we could get agent report for all group he belongs to, including call number, call duration, average call duration, login duration, busy duration, etc
  • For call hint window, add option: hidden, fixed, delay-close
  • Add realtime call status diagram, including IVR, talking, ringing, waiting

  • New WYSWYG editor

  • Added extension number in extension list
  • In template, use “display name” instead of database column name
  • In campaign, it supports auto reset customer status if agent hasn't contacted the customer for days so other agents could obtain

  • Added report in CDR page, including inbound calls, inbound duration, outbound calls, outbound duration, inbound cost, outbound cost, team cost, system cost, user cost

  • Added device status in conference, green means device is online

  • In predictive dialer, it could auto redial based on config, say you can configure re-dial in 1hr, 3hrs, 12hrs

  • Some report start to run background, to avoid timeout when it has to run lots of data

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the bug when hiden contact, phone number displayed in contact history
  • Fixed the bug when listen recordings in QC page, customer information is null for main customer table
  • Only when user scope is system, team admin and user is system admin or team admin, it will display black list and DID in import page
  • Fixed the bug when agent try to send non-mime email
  • Fixed WeiXin menu management page css bug
  • Fixed the bug that in import/export job management page, it always goes back to first page
  • Fixed the bug when query in conference page, different team might see others' records
  • Fixed the bug when delete a customer in campaign customer management page
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