2.2beta new features

Call features

  • Device enabled agent mode could use voicemail now
  • Agent could transfer call with button on IP phone
  • New http API in IVR

Core features

  • In real time monitor page, new data for Waiting, Max. Waiting Time and Service Level
  • Realtime monitor page has an option to display all agents(including logged off agents)

  • More data allowed when importing
  • When upload announcement, you can upload files for different codec
  • Allow to customize export columns and orders

  • Allow to set rules for trunk and trunk group, like remove 0 for local numbers or select trunk based on callee number attributes

  • Allow admin to merge announcements via GUI, so they can create a IVR with different language via TTS

  • Add account name in outbound statistic report
  • Allow to hide contact log in call panel

  • Allow to select object when using batch message sender

  • Allow to select customer package and search by customer status when using batch message sender

  • Allow to search by import ID
  • Added grid helper

  • Added import hint in import page
  • Added call result quick search in campaign

Customer Service

  • A default page for customer service, agent could check and search his call log


  • An option to allow agent listen to his call record in campaign popup page
  • An option to display number attribute in campaign popup page

  • Allow to use a simple text as call script

  • All to use empty value in quick scheduler as “No Appointment”

  • A link to import in campaign list

Predictive dialer

  • Using “by agent 100%” by default in dialer page


  • Provided the function to design wechat menu

Bug fix

  • Fixed the bug that some customized fields don't display in work order
  • Fixed the bug that when there're several SMS servers, hangup action doesn't choose the correct one
  • Fixed the bug that when automatically create a queue, the queue number might get duplicated
  • Fixed the bug that when there're many fields in customer, user could not adjust display order in Chrome.
  • Fixed the bug that when using quick setup, there's a chance to create 1 digit extension when range is begin with 0
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