• Optimize the css of system
  • On the page list,there will default show 30 data
  • Edit part of po in the system
  • Teams
    • Add `Followme Accept` parameter
  • Devices
    • Add `FollowMe` parameter
  • Live Montor
    • Add a picture after agentno,used to login as this agent
  • Shell Jobs
    • Add 5 seconds to automatically refresh
  • Shell exports
    • Add 5 seconds to automatically refresh
  • Templates
    • Change the default value of `Agent Choose` and `Modify` to yes
    • admin could use ##fileds_name## in template, when sending the message, it will get replaced with customer data
  • Trunks
    • When use the dahdi,no need to remind to choose the template
  • Import
    • `Reset Agent` parameter will not need to enable the dialer for campaign


  • Campaign
    • admin could define a speed dial, agent dial this number to obtain customer from his list, when call is done, agent could you IVR to save call result
    • Chang the default value to yes for `Load Contact Histor`
    • `Quick Schedual` support to set the minute
    • Add `Hidden Fields` , used with the `Hiding contact info` parameter
  • Results
    • Change the display from `Default` to `All` for `Team` parameter
  • Agent Portal
    • when there's no more new number to call in auto dial, system will check if there's no number to call every one minute
    • use the first display field as tab title
    • add a prefix number to speed up call result selection for agent


  • BPO Account
    • Add `Login as BPO User`
    • The Role is required
    • Allow to upload a picture to show on the personal page of the BPO Management
    • Allow to set the campaign field for campaign which belong to this account
  • BPO Customer page
    • According to the field which set on the bpo account page to show the page
    • Add statistic for campaign about the customer status on the page


  • Add a fresh button on the workorde details page

Agent Work Portal Page

  • Campaign Customer Popup Page
    • Unify all the tip message prompt way
    • Add automatically login the queue function
    • A minute only one click the search the agent rank
    • Add number order to show the call result in the select on the customer popup page
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