• Optimize the css of system
  • If just one team,chosen it default on the page
  • Fix some page,can not to restore to display when close all the field list in the title
  • The pagination will be float to show, when the page's displays over the height of the browsers

Pagination Float

  • Improve the customer tag,it can be entered manually and finished by auto finish function,and also can choose the tag by tag list on the popup page
  • When bind a DID to a device, when the device is not available, don't go to inbound route
  • All devices can be used for recording
  • Team
    • Add `Out Agent Billing` parameter
    • Add `Out Agent Trunk Type` parameter
    • Add `Out Agent Trunk` parameter


  • Trunk
    • Add gain parameter for Increasing the volume when merger the record

  • Import
    • Optimize the css of page
    • Auto match the field by the title of import file
    • Import to white list
    • Add `Import & Start` function,refer to wiki, read import
  • Live Monitor
    • The `Checkin`,`Idle`,`Ringing`,`Talking`,`Pause`,`ACW` under the team, will take the agents summary of team as standard
  • IVR
    • Auto remove trailing spaces
  • Outbound
    • can choose all agent to statistic
  • TTS

  • Agent Details
    • Add total statistic
    • Add account of object to statistic
    • For the account is the agent group provilege,will just see the own agent group statistic


  • Campaign
    • Add `New Tab Order` parameter under `Advanced`. It is used to control the order type of data under the `New`
    • Add `Quick Schedule` parameter under `Advanced`.It is used to quick to choose the schedual time for pending customer
    • Add `Hangup When Submit`
    • Add `Remove Callback After Submit`
    • Fix can not assign the customer by `status` when the campaign use main table bug
    • Move the parameter `Check Reassign` and `Call Hint` to `Advanced`
    • Improve Auto Dial priority
    • Allow to show all customer information in manual assign window
    • Add call result percentage in campaign statistic
    • In agent portal, allow to search in 5 agent fields


  • The left list of page will not show the campaign which had been disabled,when the BPO account login
  • Fix can not see the data on the CDR page's bug
  • BPO Account
    • On the add(or edit) page,there will not can choose the disabled campaign

Agent Work Portal Page

  • Campaign Customer Popup Page
    • Fix can not auto dial when the campaign set `Hiding contact info.` to yes
    • When the agent click the dial button on the customer popup page to dial,there will end ACW(or Pause) of agent
    • The `Auto Dial` pannel will be shown all the time,no need to choose the `Dialway` to open it
    • By `Dialschedual` to order the customer under `Pending`
      • Support to click enter keybord to search on the search field
      • Add dynamic search field for campaign,which the top four field in the `Agent Field`(Not include the fixed field)


  • Add the device dial API
  • Add agent transfer to IVR
  • Login
    • Allow to pass exten number as the exten number to login the queue
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