• iso operating system upgraded to CentOS 6.5
  • System is compatible with the version 5.4 of PHP
  • Change some po
  • Optimize the part css of page
  • Improve the time box in the system.Not only can choose the time by the time plugin,but also can be entered manually
  • Add the `ESC` key to quick close the popup page
  • There will be a voice prompt when the customer wanted to be revisited
  • Improve *97 function,there will be need to enter the password
  • Improve the interface of system
  • Improve validate pattern of system
  • There will be listed the language which enabled in the sytem to use for other page
  • System increases the dependencies between modules
  • config language preference for each account
  • admin could login as account
  • Optimize the export settings page,add a checkbox parameter to control the email settings
  • Add page,include:
    • Realtime Monitor(Realtime)
    • Agent Status(Realtime)
    • Stats Number(Statistics)
  • Realtime Monitor
    • View the Dialin & Dialout of team

Realtime Monitor

  • Agent Status
    • View the agent work stats of team.Include `Total` , `Login` , `Checkin` , `Idle` , `Ring` , `Pause` , `ACW` AND `Answered`

Agent Status

  • Teams
    • On the edit page,add `Recharge` and `Export PBX Data` buton
      • Click the `Recharge` button will open a new page which quick to add the adjust credit for this team
      • Click the `Export PBX Data` button will create a shellexport job to export the PBX data of this team
    • On the team page,add one `Team PBX Data Import` button to import the PBX data of one team into the system
    • When add a team,there will auto create one mail server which the `Server Type` is localhost


  • Accounts
    • Add `Language Default` parameter, is applied to the voice prompts
  • Account Statement
    • Add `Payment` parameter,include `Credit Card`,`Paypal`,`Wire Transfer`,`Cash` and `Other` ,default is Other
    • Add `TransactionNo.`
  • Templates
    • Add `Reply To` parameter
    • The `Content` parameter support ##FieldName## for replace variables.For example,if there have ##phone1##,the ##phone1## will be replace to the value of the customer's phone1 field when the agent use this template
  • DID Groups
    • Add `Monthly Fee` and `Rate Initial` parameter
      • `Monthly Fee` is the cost of use this DID by per month
      • `Rate Initial` is the cost of dial the DID by per minute(can be negative number),default 0.0000
  • DID
    • System support the billing function of DID
    • Add `Rate Initial Type` , `Rate Initial` , `Monthly Fee` and `Cost`
    • Add `Supplier`,it is the provider of DID
    • Add `Countries`,it is the country of DID(Optional)
  • Stats Number
    • Can view the detail data of DID,include `DialIn times` , `Answerd times` , `Duration` , `Billsec` , `Credit`.
  • MOHs
    • Allows you to edit the default moh of system,you can edit this moh by this page
  • Import
    • Can import the DID data by file
  • Mail Server
    • Hide unnecessary parameter when change the `Server Type` to localhost
    • While the `Default` is yes,the `Mode` just can be Daemon
  • Customizatin
    • The `Languagetype`'s option just can be the lanuage which is enabled in the system
  • Setting
    • Under the `SYSTEM SETTINGS` tag,add `Display Agent DebugMenu` parameter to control the `menu` button whether to show on the menu

Set to yes,there will seeMenu

Set to no,there will seeMenu


  • If uninstall the dialer module
    • hide the dialer tag on the campaign add page(Or edit page)
    • import page
      • hide the dialer set select under each field list
      • hide `Import to diallist when duplicated` parameter


  • Product
    • The default value is yes of `On the market` parameter


  • Campaigns
    • Under the Advanced tag
      • add `AllowManualPopCustomer` parameter, include yes and no, default yes.If set to yes , the agent can enter a phone number to popup the customer which related with this number.If the customer doesn't exists,will get a prompt.If unentered the phonenumbe,it will popup the customer which the highest priority,just like the auto dial function
      • Add `Forbidden` option for the `Load Contact History` parameter.If set it to forbidden,there won't see the `History Details` part
      • Add `Remove Callback After Submit` parameter to control whether to clear the revisit time when save the customer's status to successclosed(or errorclosed)
    • Show the phone1 and phone2 in the list on the assign page
  • DNC List
    • If there is one option in the select, check it automatically
  • Results
  • If the account has the team privilege,then will see the system result,but cannot to edit them.
  • Data Monitors
    • Fixed can not show data correctly bug which shows null
  • Quick Scheduler

Agent Work Portal Page

  • Optimize the css
  • If the agent's `Device` parameter is Dynamic,no need to valide the ip of phone and the ip which the agent login the system, just valide the device whether is enabled
  • When the agent portal occurs the calls abnormal, agent can click the hangup button which shows on the status page to end the error data processing
  • Add `ctrl + z` key to quick checkin,and open the `Outbound interface` page
    • Choose the first agent group automatically
    • Choose the first availabled Campaign(or Virtual Office)
    • Focus the phone number's input box
    • Click enter key in the input box,will dial the number
  • Campaign Customer Popup Page
    • When popup the exist customer,will show the customerID on the page
    • Improve the auto dial function
      • it will dial the pending customer also
        • first, dial the pending customer which callback time is past due
        • second, new customers, few auto called has higher priority
    • On the customer popup page, click the SMS button
      • it will automatically replace the replace variable of field to the value in the customer data
      • Cancel the replace function when use the template
    • On the customer popup page, if the field which juse have view privilege will can not be edit
    • Can mulity prompt when save the customer
  • Customer Service Customer Popup Page
    • When popup the exist customer,will show the customerID on the page
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