• Add control the tip on the agent work page,can change the tip mode,include Popup Window and Flashing
  • Add the consult agent will popup the customer page
  • Fixed some po
  • Optimize the recycle customer SQL.Search customer by dialtime and ID ASC to recycle customer for diallist
  • Fixed can not update the admin email when login
  • Team
    • Fixed do not check the repeat when edit identity
    • Fixed can not update the number which the agents' number of the current team
  • Agent
    • Fixed can not save the role when add
  • Live Monitor
    • The agent status in the different agent group will be the same
    • Fixed can not `Call Barge` `Call Spy` `Whisper`
  • Featurecode
    • Add `*54` to consult the agent
    • The `*55` is used to consult the phone number


  • Campaign
    • Fxied the agentno missed in the `Manual Assign` page's search


  • Fixed the agent can be null
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