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 +==== core-1.2-beta ====
 +  *Upgrade Google Maps to version 3
 +  *Add workorder modules,it will work with customervice modules
 +  *Add Knowledge modules
 +  *Add Phone area function(Reference under the Call Center modules)
 +  *Device'​s agent mode default enable
 +  *Worktime and worktimepackage can use whitespace in the name
 +  *In the system,when create export or import plan,the execute time default the current time
 +  *fixed the bug which dosn't install dialer modules and can see the dialer modules
 +  *The `customized fields` `outbound_individuals` and `outbound_enterprises` page move to the customer moudules and add the customized filed search
 +  *fixed one number agnetno
 +  *fixed the wrong title of dialin statistic when export
 +  *Calleridname rename to app binding
 +  *When there are no option,page can not search any data from database.if just one,it will be default option and show the data by this option.Including page:
 +    *Outbound Individual
 +    *Outbound Enterprise
 +    *Virtual Office -> Customer
 +    *Virtual Office -> CDR
 +    *Campaign -> CDRs
 +    *Campaign -> Customers
 +    *Dialer -> Campaign Diallist
 +  *Fix some po
 +  *optimize some css
 +  *export improve
 +    *Export to increase sub-file package function,​when the data is too large, the system automatically according to the set every N data compressed into a file. Final, the files will compressed into a compressed file for download.
 +  *Internal Message improve
 +    *Choose the senders,​merge the agentno and account together to show.e.g. astercc0(5000)
 +    *Add search by agentno
 +  *Add the function of automatically download the upgrade package
 +  *Fixed the bug which do not save the agentno when send sms and email on the agent work page
 +  *if the agent'​s `Device` parameter choosed to Self-adapting,​and do not enter into any number.it will link the same ip's telphone,if link failed,then prompted to enter the extension number
 +  *List the call results order by the `updated` DESC,to controller the default checked call result
 +  *Optimize the online player,​lengthened progress bar,​convenient longer call fast-forward positioning
 +  *fixed some js plugins
 +  *Team
 +    *If the team do not use any trunk or trunkgroup,​this data will show in the list by the yellow background color
 +    *Double click to edit,if the team do not use any trunk or trunkgroup,​the system will prompt,​choose yes,the `Trunk` parameter will get focus
 +    *Default choose the default trunk when add team
 +    *Team add Page
 +      *The `Max Account Num` `Max Agent Num` `Max Device Num` `Max Queue Num` `Max MeetRoom Num` defualt 5
 +      *Language will be chosed by the system default language
 +  *Account
 +    *First Name and Last Name can not be required
 +    *can show and search `accountcode`
 +  *Account Groups
 +    *If the account group delete,will empty the account group ID and issystemadmin of the account which belongs to this account group
 +  *Quick Setup
 +    *Fixed the bug which save the agent status
 +  *Agent Groups
 +    *If the agent group do not use any queue or the queue was deleted,​this data will show in the list by the red background color
 +    *Change the `Outbound` Allowed
 +    *Fixed the bug which do not delete queue belongs to this agent in the asterisk when remove the agent out from agent group
 +    *can save some parameter value of the agent which has been selected into agent group on add or edit page
 +    *The `Portal` parameter default value is `Default` on the add page
 +    *The agent group add `Current Application Type` `Current Application` parameter
 +    *On the edit page show the related binded app by this agent group
 +    *If agent'​s `Current Agent Group` is empty,it will be saved as the current agent group'​s id when join the agent into agent group
 +    *When remove a agent from agent group,if the agent'​s `Current Agent Group` parameter'​s value is the current agent group'​s id ,empty `Current Agent Group` parameter
 +    *Delete a agent group,if the agent which belongs to the current agent group,and every agent'​s `Current Agent Group` is same with the current agent group,​should be empty
 +    *If some app choose the agent group,​should add bind relation
 +  *Agent
 +    *On the add page,can hide the `Dest Num.` parameter'​s list div by click anywhere
 +    *If the agent'​s device enabled `DND` ,behide the agent,will show the red color DND on the page
 +    *Add `Current Agent Group` parameter
 +    *Can edit the `Current Agent Group` on the edit page
 +    *Double click a agent,if the agent group which related by the agent'​s `Current Agent Group` dosn't exists,​should update the `Current Agent Group` by next agent group which the agent belongs to,if no other agent group,​cancel it
 +    *Update `Device`,​prompt a message
 +  *Device
 +    *`agent mode` default is enable
 +  *Queue
 +    *支持在排队过程中 按键转语音菜单或者转语音留言
 +    *支持在排队过程中 每隔固定的时间播放通知 ​
 +    *支持在队列中有排队人员的情况下 先播放IVR菜单(可以设定>​=多少人排队的情况下播放这个菜单,​包括0人)
 +    *在队列中没有坐席的情况下,​支持支持播放IVR菜单(需要在queue中设置为不允许进入空队列)
 +    *支持播放排队信息 ​
 +    *修正 添加界面上 最近通话优先参数 是和否颠倒的问题
 +    *等待音乐 增加 振铃音 选项
 +  *Extension
 +    *Add extesion check function,it will check the extension and show results
 +  *Blacklists
 +    *Change `Account` parameter to not required
 +  *PBX -> CDR
 +    *Change the option of disposition select
 +  *Meetmes
 +    *If do not choose any account,​prompt a message
 +    *change some po
 +  *Announcements
 +    *If the announcement do not choose any soundfiles,​this data will show in the list by the red background color
 +  *Ivr
 +    *Fix the bug which the `Follow Action` can not be selected on the `Set IVR Dests` page
 +    * `Max. Digits` defualt is No.If `Input Code` is default in the data of ivr dest ,update the `Max. Digits` to No when add ivr dest data
 +    *Optimize the layout of add and edit page
 +  *DIDs
 +    *Can save multiple did number by `-` between two didnumber in the `DID Number` input
 +    *Show the related binded app on the edit page
 +  *DID Groups
 +   *Show the related binded app on the edit page
 +  *Trunk
 +    *When `Protocol` choose to dahdi(DAHDI(channel group)) or dahdi(DAHDI(single channel)),​then the `Templates` and ` Detail` will be hide
 +    *Show the related binded app on the edit page
 +    *Drop * * in the Detail` parameter
 +  *Message -> Templates
 +    *Fixed edit the email type data error
 +    *Fixed lost session when upload the picture in the IE explorer
 +  *Live Monitor
 +    *Can choose a team or agent group to show the choose team or agent group'​s data
 +    *If pause reason is other,can mouse on it can show the complete message
 +    *Optimize style
 +    *On the choose agent group page,if the agent group which the agent belongs to this agent group checkin will be red color
 +    *Fix the team and agent group'​s some status data nums can not equal
 +  *Import
 +    *Add team select to choose `Outbound Individual` `Outbound Enterprise` `Customerpackage` `Vcustomers` by this team
 +    *Can import data to `Campaign Blacklist` and `Phone Area`
 +    *Import Customer will import the customer to campaign diallist(which the campaign enable the dialer).If you import customers repeat,will use the exists customers to insert into campaign diallist,​but priority and schedual in the campaign diallist will be updated with new data
 +  *Customization
 +    *If the customerpackage has belonged to Campaign,​the new add fields will have edit privilege
 +    *Languagetype will equal with the brower language
 +  *Sounds
 +    *Optimize style of upload file page
 +  *Worktime Package
 +    *Fixed the edit page can not show the complete message
 +  *Worktime
 +    *`Start` and `End` add seconds to set
 +  *App Binding
 +    *Cancel default app
 +    *Add `Agent Group` and `Trunk Match` parameter
 +  *Shell Import Jobs
 +    *Add server time to show
 +    *Show the duplicate nums
 +  *Featrue Code
 +    *Add three shortcur key
 +      **69 agent workway switch to normal mode
 +      **71 agent workway switch to outbound mode
 +      **72 agent workway switch to inbound mode
 +      *Add `parking_key` default is 700,the same time to add ten `Parking Pickup Key` extension(default is 701-710)
 +  *System Message
 +    *Remove the memory data display
 +  *Setting
 +    *The system export limit default no(export time limit default 0)
 +    *Add 100 option to `Page Limit` select
 +    *Add General SIP settings menu to set sip parameter
 +    *Add IP limit function,​can set ip section to limit to login
 +  *DAHDI
 +    *Insert current DID to DID table when add or edit DID
 +===== campaign-1.3 =====
 +  *Campaign
 +    *If the campaign do not have any customerpackage,​it will show by the gray color background in the data list,and double click it,it will show the red message on the edit page
 +    *If the account which related by campaign'​s `Dialer Account` was deleted,the campaign data will show by the red color background in the data list,and double click it,the `Dialer Account` will get focus
 +    *Save data,the customer field will be set to have edit privilege
 +    *Delete campaign from trash table will
 +      *set the survey status to idle(the survey binded to the delete campaign)
 +      *delete relate survey result which belongs to this campaign from relate survey result table
 +      *delete survey quota which belongs to this campaign
 +    *Add dialer recoverdate and dialer recovercount
 +    *`Event URL` select add `please select` option
 +    *Called fewer customers will be assigned first
 +    *Add `Default Search Cdr` parameter,​if choose yes,the customer pop page will show the contact record on the agent work page,else need to get by maual
 +    *Add custoemrpackage filed alias function.`Qcpages` and `Customers` page can use the alias to the file title when export data
 +    *Optimize style
 +  *Customer Packages
 +    *If the campaign which belongs to the customerpakcage was deleted,the customerpackage will show by the gray color background in the data list,and double click it,it will show the red message on the edit page
 +    *If the customerpackage delete,​disabled the campaign which belongs to this customerpackage,​and can not edit the status
 +    *Add shellimport id for every customerpackage'​s table to indentify the customer imported by which shellimport plan
 +  *Customers
 +    *Can delete customer by search(the customer status is not open,not allow to delete)
 +  *Qcpage
 +    *Optimize style of listen record page
 +    *Can modify the header title to show the message and export data on the page
 +  *Results
 +    *Teamadmin can see the system level results
 +  *Data Monitors
 +    *Add Success Total to show
 +  *CDRs
 +    *Add some filed which relate with dialer to show
 +===== virtualoffice-1.4 =====
 +  *Customization
 +    *Add four type field,​include upload date datetime link
 +    *Fixed can not save customized field for multi virtualcustomer
 +    *Delete customized field need to delete field from table
 +===== dialer-1.3 =====
 +  *Fixed search dialtime error on the recycle page
 +  *Fixed the dialer can not work when filter recycle the customer
 +  *Dialer
 +    *Add `Dial Time` to show and search
 +    *Fixed the `Dial Time` was reversed with `Callee Answer`
 +    *Mouse on the campaign name,can show the worktime,​and if the campaign is out of worktime,it will be gray color background-color
 +  *Dialer Setting
 +    *Add prompt
 +  *Campaign Diallist
 +    *Can show and search the field which setting by this campaign
 +    *Can delete data by checked or search
 +  *Filter Log
 +    *Add endtime to show
 +===== fax-1.3 =====
 +  *Send Fax
 +    *If the Fax is in using now,do not reset the user operate message
 +===== Agent Work Page =====
 +  *Agent can change the default use group(by radio),just the agent group has `App binding` relation has radio to change
 +  *Agent work page ,pause or deal error data,change just enter groupadmin'​s agentno/​password to enter groupadmin'​s account/​password or agentno/​password
 +==== Campaign Pop Page ====
 +  *Fixed save the duplicated customer do not prompt
 +  *Add Agent working status menu to show the agent success by this campaign
 +  *Cancel the contact memo's limit
 +  *Fixed Show total error under `New` `Pending` `Failed` `Success` menu
 +  *Change the elements'​s style to class 
 +==== Virtual Pop Page ====
 +  *Fixed textarea can not edit
 +  *Optimize style
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