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 +  * asterccc fixed the bug which can not clear dialer under the case of dial failure
 +  * fixed the bug which can not choose the default announcement
 +  * add the function which can setup the **Music Ring Back Tone** in the quick_setup page. click the Detail Setup button to setup
 +  * can modify the **Music Ring Back Tone** in the quick_edit page
 +  * add the worktime name,start date and end date in the worktime page
 +  * change from show the worktime detail to show the worktime name by choose the worktime in the worktime pageckage page
 +  * add search the empty value by field
 +  * fixed the bug which the campaign cdr or virtual cdr can not record the dst number when dial in or dialer
 +  * asterCC modules update page can choose the mirror to download
 +  * add Dialin Duration and Dialout Duration statistic in the agent page under the statistic modules .Duration(ring duration + answered duraion)
 +  * add refresh buttons for the device status and call status in agentdesk
 +  * fixed incorrect model_id of dialout function in js API
 +  * fixed can not get correct queue number in dialer
 +  * fixed can not start the dialer in some cases
 +  * fixed can not clear survey quota in agentdesks
 +  * fixed src and dst be reversed in inbound cdr
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